Our Services

At Deccan Dental our team of highly skilled dentists offer a range of dental treatments for the entire family. Right from a regular cleaning and exam to cosmetic treatments like whitening and veneers, we do it all and with great attention to detail.

About Deccan Dental

Nanjapa named his practice “Deccan Dental” as an homage to his roots. He was born in India and lived most of his childhood in its southern peninsula of which the Deccan Plateau is a large part. The name “Deccan” is der ived from the Sanskrit word “ दक्षिण ” (dakshin) meaning “south”.

insurance & financing

We understand that the financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to achieving a beautiful smile. That’s why we go out of our way to not only keep costs down, but to also offer a range of professional installment options to help you get the treatment you want.