Smile Design

PLANNING After discussing your desired aesthetic outcomes and committing to treatment, we’ll begin the planning process. By capturing digital records and utilizing advanced technology, we analyze your facial aesthetics to determine the optimal location for your smile lines and facial profile. Our approach ensures that your new smile will not only enhance your appearance, but also improve function and structure.

With careful digital planning, we’re able to ensure that every aspect of your treatment is predictable and minimally invasive. We understand the importance of a comfortable and natural-feeling smile, so we offer test drives during the planning phase to ensure your satisfaction.


  1. We believe in a minimally invasive approach to shaping teeth for veneers or crowns. After the initial shaping, we provide you with temporary veneers or crowns for you to wear. This allows you to provide feedback and make any necessary adjustments before the final delivery of your new smile.
  1. Once you are happy with the temporary restorations, we take a final digital scan of your teeth so that our master ceramists can work their magic. They use advanced layering techniques and the highest quality ceramic materials to create restorations that mimic the natural beauty of your teeth. We pride ourselves on partnering with some of the top cosmetic labs in California to ensure we deliver maximum strength, functionality, and aesthetics.
  1. When your permanent restorations are ready, we remove the temporaries and fit the permanent restorations to your teeth. We use the latest bonding techniques to ensure that your restorations properly integrate with your teeth and gums, providing you with a beautiful and long-lasting smile.

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