Dr. Nanjapa, DDS MS

Founder, Prosthodontist

Dr. Nanjapa is a Prosthodontist with a passion for cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. He received his initial dental training in India before completing a Masters in Dental Biomaterials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. In 2003, he earned his DDS license and a Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

After spending four years in private practice and teaching as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the College of Dentistry in Chicago, Dr. Nanjapa relocated to the Bay Area in 2007. He spent four years as an associate at a private practice in San Francisco while also teaching as an Associate Clinical Professor at the College of Dentistry at UCSF.

In early 2011, he left the San Francisco practice to start his own in San Mateo. He moved to this space in September 2013 and decided to rename his practice “Deccan Dental”. He continues to maintain a faculty position at UCSF.

With his advanced training and experience he incorporates an interdisciplinary approach and uses cutting-edge technology to build healthy and beautiful smiles. He is committed to providing the highest quality dental care to his patients

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